How many district in Odisha-Best guide 2023

The beautiful state of Odisha (formerly Orissa) is located on India’s eastern coastline. We will cover how many districts in Odisha.

Odisha ranks eighth largest state in India according to land area and eleventh by its population. With rich traditional culture, rich heritages, and naturally beautiful places, Odisha has great significance. 

Odisha has 30 states, and each state has its own traditional culture, history, and uniqueness. In this article, we will discuss how many districts in Odisha are there and the significance of each district.

You will be aware of the Odisha Districts list and Odisha Districts list after reading this article.

1. Angul

In the list of Odisha Districts, first comes (in alphabetical order) the Angul district. Angul is a perfect blend of destinations for nature lovers to adventure seekers as a tourist destination.

Angul, though not explored and lesser known tourist destination, has many significant industrial power plants to breathtaking wildlife sanctuaries.

Here is the official website of Angul district:

Angul - Industrial Power house

Angul is the home to many industries and they play an important role in boosting Odisha’s economy.

Some of the major industries in Angul are National Aluminium Company Limited (NALCO), Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL), and Jindal Steel and Power Limited (JSPL).

Massive factories and their sky-licking chimneys with smoke can give you a glimpse of the industrial strength of Angul as soon as you will enter the city. 

Angul - Tikarapada Wildlife Sanctuary

Angul could be a great place for nature lovers and the person who loves to do adventures. With a deep natural green forest, you can explore Gharial Crocodiles here.

Not just this, even you can spot lions, leopards, and elephants here in this sanctuary.

satakosia ghorial crocodile
satakosia, tikarapada

Angul - Satkosia Tiger Reserve

Angul’s Satkosia Tiger Reserve covers through 4 districts as Angul, Dhenkanal, Boudh, Cuttack, and Nayagarh.

The diversified flora and fauna of the Satakosia Tiger Reserve attract Nature enthusiasts and wildlife enthusiasts around the world.

Not just tigers, but you can even spot leopards, elephants, and various bird species. In winter, you can see many migrated birds here.

You can be a part of an exciting safari or can make an unforgettable moment cruising down the Mahanadi River in this tiger reserve. Also, take some time to enjoy the breathtaking natural surroundings around the Satkosia tiger reserve.

Angul - Maa Budhi Thakurani Temple

Any district of Odisha is incomplete with temples. Maa Budhi Thakurani Temple is located in Suna sagada fort.

One side of the SunaSagada fort has the temple of Budhi Thakurani, while the other side is having the Jagannath temple (Shailya Srikhetra).

Goddess Budhi Thakurani is beleived to be the Ista-devi for the locals and it attract many devotees around the country every where.

Along with Maa Budhi thakurani, Shani dev, Lora Ganesha and Rama, and Nava gragha also get worshipped here.


2. Balangir - Odisha

Balangir, also called as Bolangir is situated in western Odisha through the bank of Mahanadi river. It is surrounded by Bargarh (north), Sonpur, Kandhamal, Boudh (East), Kalahandi (South) and Nuapada district (West).

Almost 70 % of population depends on agriculture and Balangir has a 3045650 hectors of agricultural land. Rice is the prominent agricultural product of the districts.

traditional arts and crafts as well as many temples and shrines, Balangir has quickly become one of India’s premier tourist spots known for its beautiful surroundings and peaceful environment.


One of the less explored but beautiful and worth visiting tourist places in Balangir is Harishankar.

It is situated on the southern slope of Gandhamardhan hills. Both lord vishu and Shiva get worshipped in Sri Harishankar temple.

Not just Hindu pilgrims, but also adventures seekers and nature lovers visits the temple which is situated amidst beautiful picturesque hill and forest.

On the northern slope of the hill, there is Nrusigha temple. There is well connected 16KM hilltop road and a great adventurous place for treaking.

harishankar temple balangir

3. Bargarh

Bargarh districts was a part of Sambalpur till 1993. On 1st April 1993 it separeted from Sambalpur and got the rank of an independent districts.

Its just 315 KM frrom Bhubaneswar and has a rich tradition. Along with Odia, Sambalpuri and Hindi language are also spoken here.

Economy - Bargarh

Most of  the population in Bargarh depends on Agriculture. The main agricultural product here is Rice and  Bargarh produces highest amount of Rice in Odisha.

Hence it is called as “Bhata Handi” of Odisha. Bhata means rice and Handi means aboudant.

There is a sugar mill, Dhaga factory and a cement factory in Bargarh districts. They also produces Sambalpuri Sarees, which give a significant contribution to overall economy.

Places to explore in Bargarh

There are many beautiful tourist places for temples to wild life sanctuary. Also a great place for trekkers, trekking in Gandhamardhan hill can be a unforgettable experience.

There is a Nrusighanath temple on the foothill of Gandhamardhana hill. There are many statue of Krishna and they explain some major instances of Mahabharta.

As said Gandhamardhana hill is a great place to explore. Its known for medicinal plants, along with that you can explore the trekking opportunities.

Barabakhara caves and waterfall is another attaction in the districts. Also Maa Samaleswari temple and Kedarnath temples can be explored in the area.

For Adventure seekers, Debrighat wildlife sanctuary is the ultimate place. This place was base to the freedom fighter Veer Surendra sai. Hirakud dam also situated here. You can find many migrated birds here.

Bargarh festivals

The most celebrated festival in Bargarh district is Dhanu Yatra, which is celebrated for 11 days. This is considered other biggest Open Theatre Jatra.

The Dhanujatra is spreaded across 8 km area and they mostly plays stories from Lord Krishna and Lord Rama’s life.

Dhanu Jatra has been placed  the Guinness Book of Record as the largest open space festival.

Besides Dhanu Yatra other festivals those are celebrated with great enthusiasm are Vasant Mahostava,Nuakhai, Narasinghnath jatra etc.

dhanu jatra bargarh
dhanu jatra bargarh this year

4. Deogarh

Deogarh district was a part of Sambalpur district till 1994. In January 1994 Deogarh got separated for Sambalpur and recognized as an individual district. Deogadh district hard the smallest population in Odisha.

Places to visit in Deogarh

Olata Bata :  This is just 2 km from devgadh bus stand people come here to collect the leaves from the Bata tree. This tree believed to fulfill the wishes.

Pradhanpat Waterfall: This waterfall is surrounded by beautiful forest. There is one shaktipeeta here and the shaktipeeta is dedicated to  Maa Pradhan Patesweri.

Katasar Ghat Shiv temple: This temple is just 45 km from Deogargh. This is situated inside a reserve forest called Kankarkhol.

Gohira Dam: The construction of Gohira dam was started in 1977 and it had taken 4 years to complete. This dam also hosts a Shiva temple. Another dam that the Deogarh district has is Saruali Dam, which was constructed constructed in 1875.

Waterfalls : There are other three waterfalls in Deogarh districts. They are Dargadi waterfall, Kudukut waterfall and Deodharan waterfall

5.Dhenkanal District

In the list of “How many district in Odisha, now comes Dhenkanal district. The district is surrounded by deep forest and is on the Cuttack-Sambalpur road on national highway 55.

The deep forests are home to elephant and tiger, meeting a group of elephants while going from Dhenkanal to Angul is very common. They usually dont create any problem to human unless and untill teased.

Tourist places - Dhenkanal

Kapilas Temple : Situated on the pick of Kailash range, this temple hosts Baba Chandrasekhar, Shiva. You have to step over 1352 steps to reach at the temple, also there is a ghat road available.

During Jagara, Mahashivratri, the place becomes vibrant with huge no of people offering worship to Lord Shiva. This temple has linkage to the Ramayan era, you can find a boarding relating to a place “Sita Entudi Sala” in the premises.

kapilash temple 1352 steps
kapilash temple prasad

Sapua Dam : A dam as the structure of a snake attacts  huge people who loves to explore the nature and do adventures. You can take bath in the fresh water and enjoy the nature.

Other places to explore in the districts are Dattatreya Sai Ashram, Mahima Gosain temple, Kualo Astasabhu temple and Saptasarya.

6. Jharsuguda

Sixth in the list of “How many district in Odisha” comes Jharsuguda. It is known for its natural resources which has helped many small and medium scale industries to evolve in the district.

Jharsuguda has a rich coal and different ineral reserves. Its economy highly contributed by these natural resourses.

Tourist places - Jharsuguda

Koiliguhar watefall : This is a great place to enjoy the nature or to organize a picnic. This os around 50 Km away from Jharsuguda Bus stand. It will come on the way from Jharsuguda to Raipur.

You can spot a Shiva temple here, so spiritual persons can also enjoy the spot. Winter is the best time to explore this waterfall.

Bikramkhol Cave : Its a thrilling experience to explore the Cave. Its a place for archeologist to explore a lot. You can find many natural stalactisis here. This is surrounded by thick forest and the last 3-4 KM can only be accessed through foot.

Other places to explore is Chandi temple and Ulapgarh hilltop.

7. Kendujhar

Kendujhar is a mineral rich district in Odisha, Iron ore being the main natural resources. This has helped Kendujhar to evolved as a industrial hub in Odisha.

Along with Iron ore, other minerals as Bauxite, Manganese, Quartile etc are also found in the districts.

Kalinga Iron works of Barbil is one of the rewoned industry in Kendujhar. Other major industries are Ferro manganise plant of Joda, IpiTata of Baleipada etc.

Tourist place- Kendujhar

Kendujhar districts has many attactions and they pulls many tourist around the world. The best attractions are the waterfalls.

Bhimkund Waterfall : This waterfall has a rich history right from the Mahabharat era. It is beleived that the five brothers has a stay here for some time during their expedition.

Bhimkund waterfall is surrounded by a thick forest and the roaring sound of the falling water makes the environment really chargeable.

Handibhanga Waterfall : With beautiful landscape, this waterfall mesmerizes the tourist. When the water falls from a height of around 200 feet, make a huge current and roars in the surrounded lush green environment.

Gundichaghagi Waterfall : This is another waterfall in the district. Its also a great picnic spot surrounded by green forest. 

When water falls from a height of 50 feet from different parts of the mountain, it makes the whole area smokey and worth visiting.

Bhimkund waterfall
Bhimkund waterfall view

8. Sambalpur

With great history of past and rich culture, Sambalpur stand on 8th in the list of “How many district in Odisha”. This is famous for the world class handloom “Sambalpuri Saree”.

Economy of Sambalpur district mainly depend upon the agriculture. Revenue generated from Kendu leaves and Sambalpuri saree also contribute to the Sambalpur district ‘s  economy.

Tourist places -Sambalpur

Samaleswari tample :

Maa Smaleswari is the Ista devi of Sambalpur distric and has a long back history. Nua khai festival is one of the most celebrated festival here.

Hirakud Dam :

This is the largest artificial water dam in Asia. Just 16 KM away from Samalpur, its a great place to see. There are two minars named as “Gandi Minar” and “Jawahar Minar” are there on the both side of dam. Both these Minars are connected through ropes.

Another attracttion of the district is Gudguda waterfall which is just 115 KM away from Sambalpur. You can also visit to Bimaleswari Shiva temple in Huma.

9. Subarnapur

Subarnapur is a district on the eastern Odisha. It is also known as Sonepur. The economy of the district is very bad and one of the most backward district in India.

In the list of How many district in Odisha, Subarnapur comes at 9.

Tourist place - Subarnapur

Patali srikhetra temple, which is dedicated to Lord Jagannath is one of the prominent place in the district. It is situated on the top of Kotsamalae Hill.

Some other attraction  for spiritual seeker are Lankeswari temple of Sonepur town, Sureswari temple and Maa Metakani temple of Subarnapur district.

10. Sundergarh

One of the most beautiful district in Odisha is Sundergarh. Almost 43 % of the district is covered by forest, still this is the fifth populous district in the state. In the list of How many district in Odisha, now comes Sundergarh.

Sundergarh is the second largest district in Odisha with many industries. Glass and China clay plants has significant contribution to the economy of Sundergarh.

Tourist place - Sundergarh

You can explore many dams and nearby picnic spots in Sundergarh district. Also you can visit some magnificent temples and a waterfall in this district.

Mandira Dam :

You can spot Mandira Dam, near Kansbahal. The Dam is made on the bank of Sankha River. You can arrange the stay in the guesthouse, which is there on top of hill. 

Consider to reach the dam by bike as the approaching road to dam is a very narrow. The road to the Dam  through different villages as namely Baniguni- Dumerjore – Usra Colony. 

Vedavyas Dham:

The beautiful and sacred dham is situated  confluence of two river called sankha and koel river. This is the place, where Brahmani river originated from the merge these two rivers.

There is a Shiva temple and it is beleived that saint VedVyasa had written Mahabharata sitting in this location.

Vaishno Devi Temple :

This sacred Temple at Rourkela is a replica of the famous  Vaishnodevi temple of Jammu The temple is there on the hill top of Durgapur Hill.

One need to step over around 500 stairs to reach the hill top temple. There are rest area with seats on the route to the step. So you may seat for a while, when climbing the strairs.

Other attractions in the districts are Hanuman Vatika, Khandadhar Waterfalls, Darjeeng Park etc. In Rourkela itself you will get enough attraction to cover in around 2 days time.

11. Balasore

The costal district, which is there on the northern region of Odisha has a rich history and a strong traditional culture. It is the birth place of Vyasa Kabi ” Fakir Mohan Senapati”.

Economy of Balasore is mainly dependent on the Agriculture. Though Fishing, tourism and some other industries also contribute to the economy.

Some major industries in the districts are  Balasore Alloys Limited, Emami Paper Mills Limited, Birla Tyres  and Polar Pharma India Limited.

Visiting Places - Balasore

Balasore has many tourist places and those contribute to the economy of Balasore to a great extent. Being a costal districts, it has many beaches and known for rare Red Carb availability. 

Emami Jagannath temple : Most people visit Balasore to view the most sacred place of the city, a replica of Puri Jagannath temple. The temple is named after the Emami Group in Balasore. 

The marvelous temple is around 30 minutes away from Balasore town, It also resembles with the Sun temple with 16 wheels.

You must enjoy the delicate Anna Prasada here, which is available for just 50 rupees.

emami jagannath temple

Panchalingeswar Temple : 

The famous Shiva Pitha of Balasore districts is situated on the hilltop Nilagiri Hills. A great place for spiritual person and for people loves trekking. Treeking on Nilagiri hills is really adventurous.

Panchacheswar means  five Shiva linga. You can find all the shivalingas are completely immersed in flowing water here in the temple.

People used to deep their hand inside the flowing water to feel the touch of lingas, Which is a unexpressed emotional touch.

You need to be careful while going inside the  water, because the current of the flowing water is very high most of the time.

From the bottom of the hill till the temple  there are around 294 steps that you have to step over, so it should be avoided by the people with physically week.

Chandipur Beach :

A beautiful beach without much ecplored by tourist is the CHandipur beach of Balasore district. Usually the see has very low tides and to reach water you need to walk 2-3 KM deep on the sand.

You can enjoy the Gupchup (Panipuri), Jhal Mudhi and coconut water on the beach.

Staying a night in Chandipur sea beach is a well different experience. You can find many private hotels along with OTDC govt. resort near by the beach.

Kuldiha Wild Life Sanctuary :

This wild life Sanctuary is home to different small and big animals including peacock, monkey, giant squirrels, birds. If you are lucky then may spot a herd of elephants on the road.

Safari facility is also available but not worth, because finding big animals is rare. But you will definitely enjoy the green lush forest inside the sanctuary.

You can even stay their at night, but make sure to do the booking from the official site prior to visit. Tent accomodation with a clean bathroom is available there.

Some other places that you can explore in the city are, Bhusandeswar temple, Bichitrapur mangrove reserve, Khirachora gopinath temple, Tarsari beach etc.

12. Bhadrak

In the list of How many district in Odisha, Bhadrak comes at no 12. The district was a part of Balasore and in 1st April 1993, it got indivisual district status. The name of the district is derived from Maa Bhadrakali.

Main occupation of perople here is Agriculture. Though the people from coastal area mostly dependent on fisheries.

You must try Palua Laddu and Chenna Mudki in the district, which is available in each and every corner of the district.

Places to visit in Bhadrak

You can explore different temples in Bhadrak and the temple of Maa Bhadrakali is the most recognized temple in the district.

Maa Bhadrakali Temple :

The temple is situated hardly a 10 KM away from the Bhadrak district. According to history, in ancient time, the goddess was worshipped inside a cave in the hill of Meghasana by a saint known as Tapasa Russi.

After the death of Tapasa Russi, one of his student namely Bhadranatha brought the statue of Maa Bhadrakali to a place in Bhadrak called  Bhunyamahalla.

Baba Akhandalamani Temple:

The temple is situated on the bank of Baitarani river, in Arandi village and dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is 37 KM away from Bhadrak.

The temple is opened daily at 4.30 Am in the morning to 11.00 Pm at night. You will find a pond named as Shiv Ganga very close to the temple. 

Other places to explore here is theIskon temple, Dhamarai temple, Dhamara port, Bhitara Kanika natural park and Eram (Rakta TIrtha).

14. Cuttack

Former capital of Odisha and with many heritage place with rich history is Cuttack district. This is also called as the business capital of the state.

The word Cuttack comes from the a sanskrit word Kataka, which has mean protected by a military camp or a huge army. Barabati Fort of cuttack one of the marvelous ancient structure which was protecting cuttack from outside enemies.

Cuttack is also known as the “Silver City” of India, because of its Silver filigree craft. The art of crafting of silver filigree where brought to the city by Moghuls. Since then it has been practiced for generations in cuttack.

Places to visit in Cuttack

Barabati Fort :

The Barabati Fort is Cuttack’s top tourist destination, which was constructed in the 14th century by the Ganga dynasty. Please note that timing for visitor are 6:30 am – 8:30 am and 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm.  

Barabati Stadium :

In 1958, the Barabati Stadium was constructed. This is one of the oldest stadium of Odisha which could accomodate around 45000 spectators at a time. 

This stadium is rich in mordern amenities and Govt of Odisha has spent considerable amount in the recent time for the renovation of stadium.

barabati fort

Maa Kataka Chandi Mandir: 

One of the important temple in Cuttack is Maa Chandi Mandir. Goddess Chandi (one of the 12th form of Maa Tarini) is of the presiding deity, The name of the temple is after her name.

Maritime Museum :

This is a must visit museum in Cuttack, which shows a brief history of maritime. In 1866 the founding stone of the museum was laid off. 

You can explore here 10 different galleries, a small ( but with a great collection of marine) lives aquarium along with a library.

Othre things to explore inn the district are Swaraj Ashram, Revenshaw University, Madhusmruti and birth place of Netaji Subhash Chandra Boss.

15. Jagatsingpur

Jagatsinghpur was initially a part of Cuttack and got its indivisual district status in 1st of April 1993. This is the smallest discrict of Odisha with considerably higher population.

The economy of Jagatsinghpur highly dependent on Agriculture, Fisheries and different trades through Paradeep port.

Places to visit in Jagatsinghpur

Siali Beach :

This is one of the beautiful beach and picnic spot which is not explored more by the tourist. You can’t get any eateries near the beach, so plan everything before reaching the beach.

It is just 20 KM from Erasama market. The area is covered with many Jhaun tress. Best time to visit here is winter, because you can spot many migrated  birds during this time.

Maa Sarala Temple :

Maa Sarala Temple also known as Jhankad and is one of the most prominent shaktipeetha in Jagatsinghpur.

The temple Has a great history related to Mahabharata era in Association with Parshuram. The approximate age of the temple is believed to be 500 years old.

The main Idol of the temple is carved out of a stone. The idol has eight armed figure and Maa Sarala seats on a lion.

Other places to explore in jagatsingpur is Chandrapur which you can spot at the end of village Mahila, Gada Kujanga temple, Paradeep port etc.

16. Jajpur

Till 1993 Jajpur was a part of undivided Cuttack. On first April of 1993 Jajpur was recognized as an individual district. It has a reach history along with a lot of tourist places. Jajpur is regarded as the industrial hub of Orissa.

There are many Steel industries in Jajpur including Tata Steel, Jindal steel, Nilanchal Ispat Nigam, MESCO, VISA steel etc.

Places to visit in Jajpur :

Biraja Srikhetra:

Biraja Srikhetra is situated just 20 km the Jajpur railway station and 100 KM North to the Bhubaneswar. This is one of the Shakti Peeth in Odisha where Maa Durga is worship As Maa Viraja.

There are multiple temples in the premises along with almost hundred Shiva Lingas.

biraja temple

Ratnagiri archaeological Museum:

Ratnagiri archaeological Museum is one of the interesting tourist place in Jajpur district. This place has an important role in the Archaeological Survey of India.

Another visiting place in Jajpur district is Ashokjhar waterfall, which is almost 8 km from the city. You can spot the AshokJhar waterfall in the sukinda road and the nearest railway station is sukinda Road Railway Station.

Chandikhol Chandi temple is another visiting place in Jajpur, which was established in 1932. You can get accommodation near Chandikhol city center for night stay.

17. Kendrapara

Kendrapara district also known as Tulasi Shriketra, Which was initially a part of Cuttack district. On first April of 1993, Kendrapara got the status of an individual district.

The district is highly affected by different natural calamities. Out of which, cyclone and flood affects the most.

Places to visit in Kendrapara :

Bhitara Kanika :

Bhitara Kanika, is a highly rated tourist place in kendrapara and his known for breeding natural crocodile with a picturesque scenery around.This is regarded as the second largest mangrove in Odisha.

It will take around 3-4 hours approximately to explore the whole area. You can explore the crocodile museum here. This museum has the white crocodile, named Gori. You have to explore these through the boat.

Boat can be hired either through government provided facilities or you can choose the private agencies.

Sri Baldev Jew Temple :

The temple premises is consists of many small and big temple. Hear Lord Balabhadra is worshipped as the main deity along with his elder brother Lord Jagannath and sister Subhadra.

Other places to be explored here are Gahiramatha, Batighar, Hukitola.

18. Khordha

Khordha district was a part of Puri till 1993. In 1993 Puri district divided into another two districts one of the two district is Khurda. Khurda Road railway junction is the headquarter of the east Court Coast Railway Division.

The economy of Khordha district mainly depends on many cottage industries and most of the cottage industries are related to brass utensils. Also there are different factors including Railway coach repairing factory Cable factory etc.

Khordha district was the capital of Odisha from 1568 to 1803. It is the motherland of freedom fighter Bakhshi Jagabandhu.

Places to visit in Khordha

Atri spring :

Atri is 15 km away from Khordha District Centre and 40 km from Bhubaneswar. This place is famous for the perennial hot spring.

The water of this hot spring contains some amount of Sulphur and this water is believed to cure different skin diseases.

There is a temple dedicated to Lord Hattakeswar near to this. During Makar Sankranti the temple gets over crowded with a huge number of visitors.


Capital of Odisha, Bhubaneswar is there in the Khurda district. Bhubaneswar is known as “Mandira Malini” that means a city of temples. Starting from historical temples to wildlife sanctuary to beautiful beaches, everything you can find in Bhubaneswar

Some of the temples you should explore in Bhubaneswar are Lingaraj temple, Mukteshwar Temple Raja Rani Temple etc.

You must visit the Dhauli Shanti stupa, which is also called as Boudha stupa. Behind the stupa, there is a Temple dedicated to God Shiva.

Besides Temple use can explore Nandankanan, which is a zoological Paradise. You can spot Many species of animals including birds, reptiles, snakes etc. In Nandankanan there is an artificial lake, which facilitates boating.

Here you can explore about 9 best visiting places in Bhubaneswar : Bhubaneswar tourism

dhauli shanti stupa

Chilika lake :

Chilli lake is the latest saltwater lake in Asia. During winter, huge number of migrated Birds comes from around the world to this lake. Best time to visit chilika is in winter.

At Barkul you can Get a very good view of Chilika Lake. There is a government facilitated boating service available.

Along with that there is a good restaurant where you can enjoy your food and alcohol. For night stay you have to book the room in advance.

Done other monuments and places you can explore are Hirapur, Mangaljodi, Rameshwar etc.

19. Mayurbhanj

Mayurbhanj is the largest district of Orissa which is situated on the northern part of the state. it also ranks 3rd when population is considered. Baripada in the headquarter of Mayurbhanj district.

Recently Mayurbhanj district was named in the Times magazine, in the list of world’s greatest places in 2023. the Time magazine had featured the picture of Belgadia Palace.

The Sriram Chandra Bhanja medical college, which is there in Mayurbhanj district is the largest Medical college in Odisha.

Places to visit in Mayurbhanj

Similipala tiger reserve:

Similipala tiger reserve is in the center of the district and covered in around one fourth of the total area of Mayurbhanj.

Pitthabita gate of similipala tiger reserve is 21 km from Basi Pada. There are many picnic spot in the premises.

Similipala Tiger Reserve sanctuary has two waterfalls one of the waterfall is the largest waterfall in Odisha named as Baheripani waterfall. This waterfall which is 400 m high.

Another waterfall in Similipal tiger reserve is Joranda waterfall which is 150 M high.

Maa Kichakeswari temple:
It is an ancient temple found in Kiching, Mayurbhanj. You can even explore a small Museum in the temple which tales a lot about the history of Mayurbhanj.

Devkund waterfall:
Dekh Kund waterfall is located 50 km away from Udala, Kaptipada. It is believe that in ancient time Devata ( deities) used to come here to take bath. There is a temple called Ambika Temple in the premises. The Temple has been dedicated to the presiding deity Bijesthali. Main festivals celebrated in this temple are Durga Puja, Pana Sankranti and Makara Sankranti.

Some other tourist places in the district are Bhimkund, Ram Tirtha, Jagannath temple etc.

20. Nayagarh

Nayagarh district was initially a part of Puri district and got the status of an individual district only on first April 1993. It is located at a distance of 90 km from the state capital Bhubaneswar on highway NH 57.

Nayagarh district is famous sweet dish Chenapoda. Chenapoda Divas is celebrated here with a great enthusiasm.

Places to visit in Nayagarh

Kantilo Nila Madhava
This Temple has a rich link with the lord Jagannath Puri. When Puri temple was not existing, Lord Jagannath used to get worshipped here as Nila Madhava. This is situated on the bank of Mahanadi river

Maa Dakhinakali Temple
Another place which attracts a lot of tourist is Maa dakshinkali Mandir. The beautiful and famous temple is dedicated to Ma Dakshin Kali, situated just 1/2 km from Nayagarh City Centre towards Dasapalla. Inside the temple premises there are other temples dedicated to Lord Ganesha Shiva and Maa Mahalaxmi.

Some other places to explore in Nayagarh district is Baramul, Gokulanand temple in Siddh mula village, kuturi Deer Park, quantia Jamupatana etc.


Puri district is one of the most significant place in Odisha. In fact Odisha has got recognition in international level in tourism sector because of Puri

In 1993 Puri got divided into two district namely Nayagarh and Khordha. Puri is just 60 km away from Bhubaneswar and will connected with neighbor districts.

Places to visit in Puri

Jagannath Temple
The main attraction in Puri is the Jagannath temple, considered as one of the Dhama out of four. The main Lord Jagannath temple is Jagannath himself. Along with him his older brother and sister Subhadra also worshipped in the temple.

Ratha Yatra, Snana Purnima, Suna Vesa are some of the most celebrated festival in the temple. Ratha Yatra or Car festival is one of the biggest event in India, which gathers a huge number of pilgrims in Puri.

Golden sea beach:

Golden sea beach is situated at a distance of around 1 km from the main beach. There is a good parking facility along with a restaurant, where you can enjoy the local foods of Odisha.

Entry to the golden sea beach is not free you may have to pay some amount (I forgot the exact amount, may be 50 rupees) to get entry to the beach.

I would advise you to visit Golden Beach because this beach is well maintain and has been recognized internationally.

puri beach

Other places to visit in Puri are Narendra pokhari which is just a kilometer away from the main Jagannath Temple. There is small temples to be explored on the middle of the lake which is called as Chandana Mandap.

While going to the Puri from Bhubaneswar, you will find a place called as Pipili. This place is famous for a variety of handicraft items and you must explore all those items. Their uniqueness gives the idea about the craftmanship of Odisha.

22. Boudh

Initially the Boudh district was a part of Ganjam district and on 2nd January of 1994 the Boudh district got the status of an individual district.

In Boudh district, the main spoken language is Odia though marginal people still love to communicate in Sambalpuri language.

In ancient time the Boudh district is believed to be an epicenter for Buddhist and Baudha Dharma is believed to be the primary religion of the place.

Places to visit in Boudh

Puruna kataka:

There is a famous temple of Maa Bhairavi in Purulia kataka goddess of the city this is one of the Shakti Peetha out of 108 where parts of dead body of Maa Sati were dropped.

Daily routine and rituals of Maa Bhairavi is done according to Madala Panji. There is a Sahada tree in the temple premises which is worshipped by devotees and is believed to fulfill the wishes

Maa Bhairavi is worshipped a Shyama Kali during Diwali, as Ugratara during Magha Krushna chaturdshi and from Chitra Ashtami to Dashami she is worshipped as Bhubaneswari bhagada and Maa Dakhinakali Kali.

Boudha Murti

You can find three Buddha Murti in Boudh district. The first Buddha Murti is there in the boudh City. The height of the idol is 6.9 inch. it is a stone statue. The area where the statue is established is known as Boudh Park. You can find this park near Jogendra Villa Palace

The second Murti of Buddha can be found in Shyam Sunderpur, which is a kilometer away from Boudh City Centre. The height of this both are Murthy is 5 feet. The third Murti can be found in Pragalapur which is 2 km away from Shyam sunderpur. The height of the idol is 3 feet 5 inches.

Other places to explore in both district are are Ramnath Mandir, Jogendra Villa Palace, Chari Shambhu Temple, Patali Srikhetra etc.


Initially Gajapathi was a part of Ganjam district. It got the status of an individual district only on the second October of 1992

Places to visit in Gajapati

Mahendragiri :

If you are a nature lover or wish to do trekking then this hill station is the ultimate destination for you. Mahendragiri it just 40 km away from the headquarter Parlakhemundi

After Deomali, this is the second highest mountain peak in Odisha the hill is surrounded by a thick forest with has many rare red sandal trees.

Mahendragiri Hills has its history linked from Mahabharat era. The punchu Pandavas were believed to stay here for sometime during their exile


Gajapathi Palace :

This is a royal palace of the king of Paralakhemundi. Construction of the palace was started in 1835 and completed in 1890 .Now the queen Kalyani Gajapati is staying in the palace.

Other places to explore in Gajapati district are Buddhist monastery of Chandra Giri Vrindavan Palace ( which is just 1.5 km away from the city center of Parala khemundi), Mankadian and waterfall, hara Bhangi Dam ( this is dust 6 km away from Mohana) etc.

24. Ganjam

Ganjam is the most beautiful district with uncountable temples, visiting places, waterfalls and picnic spots. The district has Rushikulya river, Berhampur city, Tara Tarini Temple etc

You can find the best food option with huge variety and great taste here. This is considered are the food center of Odisha. In ancient time it was a part of Kalinga and most populated city of Odisha.

Visiting places in Ganjam

Gopalpur sea beach

The world famous beach of Gopalpur is just 15 km away from Berhampur City. During British rule the Britishers were using this beach and nearby port for sea trade.

In 1970 Government of Odisha established a port here to facilitates the sea trade with the neighboring countries. Enjoy the sunset and sunrise along with horse riding in the beach of Gopalpur.

Gopalpur beach festival is celebrated here very passionately, which features many prominent personalities around the country. You can explore many tasty sea food here at reasonable cost.

Nirmal Jhar:

This is a pure water steam which has a Vishnu Temple nearby. The stream Nirmal Dhar is just 60 km away from Berhampur City towards north. The stream is originated from Badaghati hill.

Recently one of the prominent person of Ganjam (Khallikot queen) has created a committee. The soul responsibility of the committee is to look after the development of this place.

Tara Tarini Temple

The Tara Tarini temple is just 30 km away from Berhampur bus stand. this is one of the major Shakti Peetha in India situated on the bank of Rushikulya river. There are five different temples are there in the Taratarini temple premises you need to take over to 999 stair to reach the temple.

Other places to visit in Ganjam are Tampara Lake, Taptapani hot water steam mass Siddha Bhairavi temple, Mahuri Kalia etc

25. Kalahandi

Kalahandi used to be one of the backward district in India but in recent years witnessed development in many different area. It is 7th most populous district in Odisha.

Kalahandi has got it’s presence in India because of its unique wooden craft, rich history in ancient time and attracting tourist places

Visiting places in Kalahandi

Pardeshwar Temple :

This temple is there in Dharmagarh in Kalahandi district. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Shiva Linga worshipped here is made up of Mercury.

The height of the Shiva Linga worshipped year is 52 feet and almost 52 kg of Mercury has been used in making this.

The Shiv Linga was made in Bhuj, Gujarat and this is the second kind of Shiva Linga which was made in Mercury. The first Shiva Linga made up of mercury is there in Haridwar.

Kalahandi Palace :

Kalahandi Palace shows the craftsmanship of ancient archaeologist. The king of the Kalahindi was living here in this palace.

The premises of the palace has a temple which is called as Manikeshwari Temple. This temple is dedicated to the presiding deity Maa Manikeswari.

Dussehra is a main festival here. People do animal sacrifices during Dussehra in this Temple.

kalahandi palace

Gudda Handi Hills: 

This Hills has many pictographic paintings made on the Caves. The paintings are in red and black colour which gives information from ancient time.

This is one of the importance site for the archaeologist and a good place to roam around

Phurli jharan waterfall :

The Phurli jharan waterfall has a height of 30 feet. It is surrounded by a deep lost been forest from the district headquarter Bhawanipatna.

The waterfall is just at a distance of 15 km. This waterfall is inside the Karlapat wildlife sanctuary. The Sanctuary is famous for elephant.

26. Koraput

Koraput district is famous for its deep green forest record breaking heels and mountain ranges, Ghat roads and waterfalls

Economy of Koraput district is highly contributed by Nalco. The district has a very good natural resources of bauxite Manganese and to some extent of iron ore.

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited have an engine division here in Koraput district. This engine shop manufactures MIG and Sukhoi engines. This location is known as Sunabeda.

Places to visit in Koraput

Koraput Jagannath temple :

Koraput Jagannath temple is very famous sacred places in the district. This place is called as Sabara Srikhetra. The temple was made in 1972 and this is a exact replica of Puri Jagannath Mandir. There is a tribal museum in Pujariput very close to the Jagannath temple.

Deomali mountain :

Deomali mountain is the highest mountain peak in Odisha. This is one of the favorite places where you can do trekking, para gliding etc.

The whole mountain range is covered by deep forest. This is 70 km away from Koraput.

Deomali mountain is 1672′ from the sea level. It is there in the Patangi block of Koraput district, 23 km from kunduli.

Recently Government of Odisha has established 6 views for tourist on the way to the Hilltop.


Damanjodi is famous for Nalco township. There are many visiting places in Damanjodi. Which includes the second tallest Hanuman statue of the world. Besides Hanuman temple there is a Hilltop Jagann.ath Mandir, one stadium, an artificial Lake called Sabari lake, Maa Kantabounsuni Mandira etc

Other places to export in Koraput are Kolab Dam, Hanuman statue of Dumuriput, Duduma waterfall, Gupteshwar Temple, Maliguda etc.

Here is the detailed information on Koraput visiting places

Hanuman Temple Damanjodi

27. Malkangiri

Initially Malkangiri district was a part of Nabrangpur. The district got the status of an individual district only on first October 1992. Most of the part of the district is covered in tip jungles or forest.

This district is known as Lungs of Odisha, because of the deep forests.

Places to visit in Malkangiri district

Bali Mela Dam

Bali Mela Dam is a hydroelectric project which has been founded by both Government of Odisha and government of Andhra Pradesh.

The dam is in Chitrakonda, a place which is 25 km away from Bali Mela.

The water of the dam is mostly used for irrigation in Malkangiri district. This Dam has been established across the river called Sileru.

Other places to visit in Malkangiri district are Ammakunda satiguda Dam and Bhairavi temple.

28. Nabrangpur

Initially Nabrangpur Was a division of Koraput district and in 1992, it got the stratus of an individual district.

Most of the area of Nabrangpur district is covered in deep forest. it is rich in many natural resources. Some of them are iron core, quartz, mica, granite etc.

Tentulikhunti village has high deposit of granite. Similarly another village Hirapur is rich in natural resources of hematite and limonite. Both of this Ore contains at least 60% of iron.

Places to visit in Nabrangpur

Some of the visiting places in Nabarangpur districts are Chandanadara waterfall which is there in the Jharigam block. This is the great picnic spot where you can find a natural Shiva linga.

Another places to explore are Podagada, papadahandi, Maa Bhandarghatani etc

29. Nuapada

Nuapada initially was a part of Kalahandi district and on 27 March of 1993 it got the status of an individual district. Nuapada is reach in natural resources. Some of the natural resources or mineral deposits are bauxite, graphite and laterite.

There are many forest are there in the district and most of the people depend on the forest product for their earning.

Places to visit in Nuapada

Most of the part of the district covered with deep forest with different spices of timbers. So its a very good place for people who love to do adventurous activities

Places to explore here are Sunabeda wildlife sanctuary, Yogeshwar Temple of Patora, Devgiri Hills Rajiv Udyan, Upka Ganga etc

30. Rayagada

Raigada district got the starters of an individual district on October 1992 it is considered as one of the backward district of Odisha and getting aid from different NGOs.

Rayagada district deposition of bauxite and silicon.

Places to visit in Rayagada

Chatikona Shiva temple is one of the sacred place in Rayagada district, which attract a lot of pilgrims around the state during Shiva ratri.

Another visiting place in Rayagada is Minajhola. This is the 134 km from Rayagada and you can find in this place this place is at the influence of three rivers

Other places to explore are hanging bridge of Chekaguda, Lakshmi Narayan temple of Theruvali and Maa Majhi ghariani Temple.

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