Siali Beach Jagatsinghpur

Siali beach

Siali Beach Jagatsingpur

Siali Beach is one of the unexplored tourist attractions in Jagatsinghpur district. This is a beach along the coastline of Odisha, which is surrounded by a deep Jhaun forest and a place to enjoy the natural beauties.

The nearest city is Erasama, the beach is 14 KM away from Erasama. You need to take right from the Erasama Panchayat office. Throughout the road, you will find signboards with markings for Siali Beach.

Before going to the beach, you should buy some food from the Erasama market. Though recently some developments have been made to attract tourists, still better to have necessities things with you.

Siali Beach Parking and entrance

At the entrance of iSali beach, there are some small shops available. You can buy some snacks and cold drinks etc. But they are not open throughout the day.

Parking for two-wheelers is 20 rupees and cars is 50 rupees. The road from Erasama to Siali Beach is not very good but surrounded by green trees from both sides.

This beach has a high current and you can’t find any rescue team in the beach area. Hence be careful before entering the water, and be safe.

It is a cyclone-prone area and not well-developed. Roads are full of curves and you have to go through the village area, drive carefully and slowly.

Siali beach parking

Siali Beach Picnic spot

The length of Siali beach is around 6 KM and the beach is surrounded by Jhaun forest. Which makes this beach a perfect destination for forest picnics. 

During the new year many groups come here to enjoy their spare time. You can find many families conducting picnics here mostly on long weekends.

For a picnic you need to bring all requisites with you, right from utensils to vegetables. But recently I came to know that you can rent utensils from the nearby shops, but not sure about that.

You can find dry wooden blocks for cooking in summer and winter. Collecting dried wood from the jungle is not rocket science. In fact foods cooked on a wooden stove taste better than gas.

There is a huge open area around, where you can do team-building activities or simply enjoy volleyball or cricket with your family.

This is just 140 KM from Bhubaneswar, so you can spend a full day here and then return on the same day. But if you want an overnight stay, then there are hotel facilities also available.

Siali Beach Hotels and review

Just 2 km away from the beach, Anvy Resort or Siali eco stay is available. This resort is sea-facing, so directly from the resort you can come to the beach from the back gate anytime.

For friends, a single room will cost around 2500 per night and for family it is around 3000 rupees. You can get an opportunity to cook food at night and enjoy the evening in the resort.

The resort is very well maintained and worth the price they charge for the night stay. Rooms are AC ventilated with very clean toilets and bathroom. In front of every room you will get two chairs made up of bamboo to seat.

At night the whole area is well-lighted and decorated. The sea-facing gate is also well-decorated, and you will enjoy roaming around the beach at night.

Don’t miss the barbecue setup of the resort. Ask them to set up the barbecue and arrange raw materials for the same. You can see the below images for detailed information.

anvy ressort
anvy ressort
siali beach resort
siali beach resort
Anvy resort back gate
Anvy resort back gate

Siali Beach Distance from near by places

Here are distances of Siali Beach from nearby places :

It is around 140 KM from Bhubaneswar

Siali Beach is around 120 KM away from Cuttack

From the Jagatsinghpur bust stand the distance is approx. 90 KM and the same from Paradeep

Erasama is the nearest market from Siali Beach (Around 14 KM)

Siali Beach - Conclusion

This beach is not explored much by tourists, but a must-see place if you love a tranquil ambience with a combination of natural beauties.

The government should give more attention to developing the beach. If some water sports can be included, then that would even attract more tourists.

You can cover Paradeep port, Gorekhnath temple and Maa Sarala temple while visiting Siali beach. Both temple will come on the road to the beach.

As this is a cyclone-prone area, avoid visiting the place in the rainy season. The best time to visit siali beach is in winter.

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