Tourist places in Damanjodi

Tourist places in damanjodi

Damanjodi is a small town located in Koraput surrounded by picturesque landscape. This quaint town often goes unnoticed by tourists, overshadowed by its more popular neighbors. We will explore 5 tourist places in Damanjodi in this article.

The tourists, who venture to Damanjodi are rewarded with breathtaking natural beauty and fascinating tribal cultural experiences. Not just Damanjodi, you can even explore the natural beauty of near by villages and hills.

Blessed with abundant lush forests and scenic hills, the town offers a serene environment ideal for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.

As you traverse the winding roads leading to Damanjodi, you will encounter breathtaking vistas of rolling green hills, cascading waterfalls, and sprawling valleys adorned with fragrant flowers.

5 Visiting places in Damanjodi

We will start the list with spirituality and thats the record breaking Hanuman Temple and Hanuman statue.

Then we will discuss about the Jagannath Mandir of sector 1, Sabri Lake,sai temple, Maa Kanta Bausuni. Besides these spots we will also explore some other places, that you may love to tour in Damanjodi.

Hanuman Temple

This beautiful temple is there in Sector 2, near the main gate of Nalco. This place is also known as Hanuman Vatika Damanjodi.

The temple premises has a huge Hanuman statue of 108 feet and 9 inches. You can find Lord Hanuman being worshipped inside the temple along with Lord Ram. There is a park near the temples with many statue of different animals. There is a pond is also there in the park.

You can have prasadam in the temple premises only. This facility is available everyday at around 1.00 Pm to 2.00 PM.

There is a prayer hall in the temple, here you can offer you meditation to Lord Hanuman as long as you wish. You can buy the Puja Samagri from the counter, which is near the main gate of the temple.

If you are planning to tour Hanuman temple, I urge you read this article to explore detailed information about : Hanuman temple Damanjodi .Here you can find details about temple opening time, prasadam, important festivals etc.

hanuman temple damanjodi

Jagannath Temple Damanjodi

After visiting the Hanuman Temple, You can go to the Jagannath temple, which is there in sector 1 of Nalco township.

There you have to climb some no of stairs ( I have n’t remembered the no of steps) to reach at the hill top, there is a road also to drive. You can see the Sabari lake on left, if you prefer to drive through road.

There is a park adjacent to the hill road. This is named as science park and a great place for children to explore.

Also from the backside of temple, you can view deep forest and red mud pond. I”ll suggest you to spend some time here.

There is a dedicated place here for preparing food and its consumption. You can call the priest prior to your visit, if you wish to have prasadam here.

For Bhoga and Puja Samagri, you can buy from the near by shops. There are two shops near Singhadwara of Jagannath temple.

There is a pond at the foot of the temple. During Kartika Purnima, many people gathers here to float paper boats.

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Sabari lake Damanjodi

In sector 1 only, there is a park, named as Sabari lake. There are many things to explore here and you will get really unforgettable experience here.

There is a huge dinosaur statue at the entrance to the lake. There is a small children park and many benches to seat and enjoy the beauty pf surrounding. You can spot an artificial waterfall, which is originated from the Jagannath temple. Its a great place to visit in evening as at this time the whole park is lighted beautifully.

There is a cage, where you can find many rabbits playing. Also there is a place where you can spot ducks (Inside the lake premises).

You can enjoy street food at the stall out side the park. At evening you an get local snacks at these shops. This is one of the tourist places in Damanjodi.

sabari lake dinosaur

Maa Kanta Bausuni

The queen of Bamboo “Maa Kanta Baunsuni” is regarded as the presiding goddess of Damanjodi. This place is there in sector 3 and on of the tourist places in Damanjodi.

Local people worship Maa Kanta Baunsuni with a great faith. There are many strange stories related to this place. You have to go through bamboo forest (Around 200 meter from gate) to reach there at the center.

No manual intervention has ever made to maintain the bamboo trees. Even no human is allowed to cut any tree here. No bamboo from this place has ever used for any work like construction, decoration etc.

People also scarifies animal to the goddess here, most probably on Tuesday.

maa kanta banusuni damanjodi

Conclusion - Tourist places in Damanjodi

Other places to visit in Damanjodi are Red mud pond, stadium, open theater, Siridi sai Baba Mandir, Sai temple etc. Also you should go to the view points, from where entire city can be seen.

Most of the places here are developed and maintained by Nalco.

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