Rayagada – Hidden gem of Odisha


History of Rayagada

Rayagada district is one of the underrated districts of south Odisha but with many hidden gems.

This got the status of an independent district only on 1992.

Rayagada shares the border with Kalahandi to the west and Ganjam to the west. On the south of Rayagada you can find Koraput, while Kandhamala on north.

Maa Majhighariani Rayagada
Maa Majhighariani Rayagada

Some archaeological studies have revealed that human habitation in the Rayagada district has evidence even from the Stone Age era.

The population of this district is mainly composed of indigenous tribes such as the Kondh, Soura, and Koya. The city was formed by Raja Biswanath deba Gajapati. He was the ruler of Suryabanshi dynasty of Nandapur. During that time, the city was known as Rai-Gadh. 

After indepence of INDIA in 1947, Rayagada was a part of Koraput district. In october 1992 this got the indepence state status.

Art and craft of Rayagada

Tribal arts, their design, and different crafts are some of the tourist attractions in Rayaga. Recently a village Rejingtal which comes under Gunupur block was in the news because of the tribal art “Idtal”.

Almost 50 saura artists took just 5 days to give all the walls of the village the Idtal art touch. This was a record in national level or artmanship.

Dongria Kandha are one of the premitive tribes lives in Bisamacuttack and Muniguda region. Though their primary occupation is hill dwelling, still they mastered the skill of weaving beautiful Shawls and traditional clothes. 

Jewellery made up from bamboo has a great demand even in abroad market. They have a distict design and craftmanship.

Some desia kandha now engage in creating a range of handicrafts, including earthen pots and eateries, bamboo and cane products, wooden carvings, and tribal textiles. 

Visiting places in Rayagada

Rayagada district is a landscape of greenery hilltops, waterfalls, and temples. Everyone has something to explore here. Expect tourist places, tribal culture, lifestyle and tribal art of Rayaga attract many visitors to the city.

Maa Majhighariani / Majhigauri temple

Majhighariani Temple :

The hilltop Majhighariani temple is situated at just 1.5 KM from Rayagada. This temple was made by King Biswanath Deba in 1500 BC. 

Maa also known as Maa Majhigauri by local people.

Maa Majhighariani

You can get a panoramic view of Rayagada city from the top of the temple. Maa gets worshipped only on Wednesday, friday and sunday.

Youcan get prasad here, all information related to temple schedule is written on temple boards in threee languages.


Chatikona is located around 50 KM from Rayagada. The weekly market, which is held on Wednesday is the most attractive thing to explore here.

You can get tribal handicrafts, fresh agricultural products, and desi livestock. Anyone wish to explore tribal culture must visit here. 

There is a Shiva temple here surrounded by hills known as Chatikona Temple. You can also find Gadgadda waterfall here.


Minajhola is one of the fabulous and most attractive picnic spots in Rayagada, which comes under the Chandrakud block.

There is a Shiva temple here which offers a tranquil ambiance with beautiful scenery. You can find the merging point of three rivers here, named Chauladhua, Philolphalia, and Bansadhara.

It is 110 KM away from Rayagada and 70KM away from Gunupur.

There is an Ashram near the Shiva temple where one saint lives. Also, a sculpture of a huge bull is there. Here you can see the image of that place.



It is one of the most popular villages in the Rayagada districts and a known tourist place. There are many temples in the village near the northern side, where there are many small hills.

Nilakantheswara temple, a Shiva temple is very famous here. It is located at the hilltop and believed to be an ancient temple.

Devgiri hills

Devgiri Hills is 78 KM away from the district head quarter. The hill attracts many pilgrims as well as tourists because of its beauty and the sacred stories associated with it.

The hill looks like a Shiva linga. There are 5 perceptual water pools are there at the top of the hill, named Ganga, Jamuna, Saraswati, Indradyumna, and Bhargavi.

Hatipathara rock and waterfall

There is a hillock just 3 KM away from Rayagada town. There are two huge rocks are there, which resemble elephants from a distance.

There is a waterfall also in this place known as Hatipathara waterfall. It is near the Majhigauri temple, so any tourist who comes to Rayagada, must cover Hathipathara rocks.

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